Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Messin with Sasquatch

     Sasquatch is our resident Screech Owl.  While we hear him often at dusk and into the night, we also occasionally call him in up close with a Screech Owl call recording.  Here, he poses while we "mess" with him.  He's wondering:  "Where is that other owl anyway?"  

     I shoot a little video of Sasquatch as a friend uses his own whistling to keep his interest.  Listen closely as Mike's whistling stimulates the soft but audible response from Sasquatch.  The Screech Owl call is commonly used by birders to call in other, smaller birds which come to mob the potential predator similar to kingbirds and blackbirds who like to dive at hawks.  The call brings in many species of small birds but it also attracts Screech Owls--surprise surprise.  And it's so much fun to mess with Sasquatch!

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