Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Herpers

The Kansas Herpetological Society sponsored a summer field trip to the Red Hills recently.  Headquartered at Coldwater City Lake, the group collected and observed amphibians and reptiles in about a three county area over last weekend.  It's a funny thing about all these kids (and adults) involved in these activities; they are so enthralled with nature's wonders and being in the outdoors that video games, TV, and Iphones etc. are rarely seen.  I think there's an excellent solution to Nature Deficit Disorder and it starts with kids' fascinations with these animals!  Yay for herps.  Thanks to Travis Taggart and the Kansas Herpetological Society for leading this great event!
A Racer expresses his feelings about being the object of favor.

Adaira shows off her Texas Horned Lizard (Horny Toad).

Paxon shares his Prairie Kingsnake to new friends.  

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