Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grasshopper Wrangling

     Give your kids some Vitamin N (Nature).  Its so easy.  Catch some grasshoppers and look in the Insects of Kansas insect guide to find the most common insects.  Whether in your back yard or a wilder landscape in the Kansas Outback, catching grasshoppers is a time-tested by kids activity.  An insect net makes it easier but hand catching makes for a fun sport and plenty of exercise.  With nature deficit disorder at epidemic levels, its so easy to prescribe some simple grasshopper chasing as a perfect remedy.  With a wide variety of grasshoppers available, there is ample opportunity to challenge children with fairly easy identification games.  Here, it was easy to find the Carolina grasshopper in the guide.  Even in the summer heat, some fun can be found along with a great learning adventure...in the awesome Kansas Outback

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's so hot...

It's so hot, I think I'll lay on this branch a while.  Whew.  Well that's not going to do it.

Maybe I'll try this.  The dog had dug this hole and was lying there.  Oh yeah, that's better--a little cooler.  This better help or I'm going to look at that bird bath very seriously!