Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hissy Fit

     I know.  I know.  This is freaking some people out.  But this post is for those who not only appreciate snakes but also for those who just haven't had that much experience with them.  The Bullsnake (a.k.a.  Gopher Snake) is one of those wild animals with...personality.  You'll see these on the road and if you are a kind and intelligent person, you will avoid running them over.  They are harmless to humans and eat tons of mice.  When approached, they put on an amazing show.  From just lying on the road soaking up some rays, they will coil up, hiss, rattle their tail to try to make you think they are something they are not, and will try to appear as mean as possible so you will just LEAVE THEM ALONE.  As is so typical with Bullsnakes, once they've went through their repertoire of scare tactics and realize that they aren't working, they will simple give up.  They then let you pick them up.  Oh, one more trick...they will poop on you as a last little defensive gimmick.  But after all the antics, after all the fake "I'm gonna kill you" behavior, they can end up being the best pet a kid ever had.  After their brief taming down, they can be easily held and admired.  They don't bark or scratch the furniture and only eat once a week or so in the summer.  Mice can be easily caught and be provided as food, yielding yet another incredibly interesting opportunity for feeding observations.   But this day, on this sandy road, with temperatures climbing to the 80's, this personable Bullsnake gave a good show.  I named this one "Hissy" and then let it go on its way.  Go get those rodents Hissy!