Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Brilliant Bunting

     Of all the birds found in the Red Hills, and in North America for that matter, none are as colorful as the Painted Bunting. While this species has been seen in many parts of the state this year, it has been a constant summer resident of the Red Hills.  Replete with nearly all the colors of nature's palette, this male's glamorous appearance is sure to attract a mate.  But wait.  There's competition with other males who are just as brilliant.  So it takes some serious singing to "get the girl."  (watch video below)
Seeing Painted Buntings - spectacular;
seeing Painted Buntings in the Red Hills -- priceless!

This Painted Bunting demonstrated wing fluttering hoping to attract a mate
--as if his incredible appearance wasn't enough!

This Painted Bunting male sings its heart out for a mate.

Ok, now its just showing off!

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