Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taming Tarantulas

     As the video explains, this is a Texas brown tarantula.  This is probably the most common of two to three species found in Kansas and is prevalent along the southern third tier of counties.  I found this one in my favorite place, the Red Hills.  The males, as this one is, will be found starting usually in June moving around looking for females.  A more major movement occurs in September when numerous Tarantulas can be seen crossing roads at certain times.  They are typically quite docile and can make interesting pets although the males usually don't live past a year.  They have fangs and can bite.  I've not experienced that and hope not to but these animals are quite harmless.  They, however, can eject hairs on their abdomen which can be irritating to skin and eyes although I've not had that issue with them yet.  

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