Sunday, May 6, 2012

Red Hills Regalia

Rayless gailardia leads this roadside procession of Norton's and stiff flaxes along Sandy Creek Road in
 Barber County
       The Red Hills region is ablaze with wildflowers.  Suffering through 18 months of drought, the Red Hills as well as all of southwest Kansas has been brought to life again with recent rains.  Grasses and wildflowers survived in a mostly dormant condition last year.  But spring rains have awakened the prairie.  Nature's bouquet is in one of the most impressive presentations in many years.  This is an instance of when pictures alone help convey the beauty.  But, if you want to see some of the best palette of colors the Kansas prairie has to offer, this year is the year and now is the time.  From the earliest blooming Easter daisies, through the current profusion of various flaxes, evening primroses, penstemons, spiderwort and Indian blanket, the Red Hills floral display is dazzling.  Experience some of nature's finest natural exhibit which is now showing and will continue on through the year, contingent on the chance for more rains.  
Some more prairie eye candy:
Cobea penstamon
Echinacea (black sampson or snakeroot)

 Stiff flax


  1. Great photos! I especially like the color and perspective along the fenceline of the lead in picture!

    1. Just noticed your kind complement. Yes, that roadside was gorgeous.