Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snakes are So Cool!

     Even though it was a bit windy this weekend, herps were active. We found several snakes and lots of lizards in our own little Kansas Outback.  The longnose snake was reported the post prior by grand-daughter Teilee.  I re-reported it with this assortment because of the nice mix of species.  The lizard is a six-lined racerunner (I misreported as a prairie racerunner in the video, sorry.)  Snakes always evoke interest and responses, sometimes positive, sometimes negative.  I simply exhibit them here to convey how cool they can be.  Herps are a natural magnet for kids' attention, as well as for most adults.  Experiencing nature is so easy in Kansas and most other places.  Few wild things evoke so much interest as herps.  Learning about them is so easy too.  Google Kansas Herp Atlas for all things cool and scientific about turtles, snakes, salamaders, lizards, toads and frogs in the state.  The book you will want to buy or reference is Amphibians, Reptiles, and Turtles in Kansas by Joseph T. Collins, Suzanne L. Collins and Travis Taggart.  Discover the cure for Nature Deficit Disorder--befriend a herp!  (Videography by Andi Brunson-Williams)

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