Monday, July 4, 2011

Wild Hand Pets

We finally received a nice rain.  So with some grandkids here, we went herping.  Finding a nice-sized slider was a treat on this 4th of July for Paxon (5) and Adaira (almost 3).  They illustrate why herps (amphibians, reptiles and turtles) are so popular with kids.  Most are relatively safe to handle with a little bit of knowledge and supervision from adults.  Herps provide an excellent way to introduce children to nature--live wildlife they can hold and learn about.  Kansas children can learn easily about herps through various sources but one excellent one is the Kansas Herpetofaunal Atlas.  Just help them google it to look under various groups of herps and see the amazing diversity of life we have here.  Much of it is easily accessible for small hands and young minds.  In today's culture of nature-starved children, herps offer an excellent portal to discovery and knowledge about the Kansas Outback.

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