Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roadrunner Predictor

     It's hot--a bit abnormally hot but then again we are still generally warming from the last ice age.  The real question is if this longer term warming is being accelerated by human activities.  I leave it at that but our local roadrunners tell us two things about climate change.  First, the immediate climate (weather) is that it is hot and "Roadie," named by my grandson, demonstrates how he dissipates heat--by panting in the shade and fluffing his back feathers in the same manner in which he will try to collect heat in the winter.  In the long term, Greater Roadrunners have been expanding their range northward over the past couple of decades, an indication of milder winters since they are typically a more southern US species.  The recent addition of regular roadrunners to our yard over the past three years has permitted opportunity for ample pictures, videos and study.  I'll try to get on to other subjects but sometimes its hard when these clowns of the bird world keep showing up and showing off.   

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