Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thirsty Deer

     This summer is one which may pose some serious problems for wildlife.  Just as a severe winter may impose harsh setbacks for some species, drought also will impact populations.  There are fewer flowers, therefore fewer insects to feed hungry chicks.  There's less cover to provide nesting success and forage--less browse, less water for sustaining critters.  But, these conditions also may make it easier to observe wildlife.  This doe and fawn have become regular morning visitors to our small frog/bird pond.  There's not a lot of water around here so about anything supplied attracts thirsty visitors.  Supplying just a pan of water will attract songbirds and other small animals.  Put a rock in the bottom of the pan to give birds something to stand on while bathing.  If you have a way to provide a little bit of dripping water into a small pool or pan, birds are really attracted.  If you have a small frog/bird pond, you could attract a doe and fawn.  


  1. I have noticed we have had very few mosquitos this year - I imagine because of the dry summer!

  2. Sure, fewer places for mosquitos to breed. I guess there's one good thing about the drought.