Thursday, May 19, 2011

Raising bluebirds

I think there is not a more personable bird than an Eastern Bluebird.  I have a couple of nests in boxes I put up near my home and have been raising bluebirds for quite a few years now.   The interaction we've had helping many bluebirds raise dozens of fledglings is shere joy.  Eastern bluebirds are pretty, have a pleasant thrush-like song and are easy to get close to.  Although some hang around all winter, the spring brings new ones from the southern US and they begin nesting activities relatively early, by March.  With once-depressed populations, this species is obviously helped by direct human intervention.  The cause and positive effect of placing bluebird boxes is incredibly satisfying.   If you have a bit of Kansas outback, with sparse trees and open country, you could have a good chance of raising your own bluebirds.  I would urge you to think about it no matter what your outdoor interest is.  Sure, its one of those warm/fuzzy/feel good things to do for wildlife but it is very fulfilling and fun.  Its an excellent way to feel like you are having a direct, positive impact on a very desirable species to have around.  The mother bluebird will be on these eggs about 14 days before hatching.  Next time on the blog--baby bluebirds!

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