Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Laughing Chicken

The prairie chickens are still booming but I'm moving on to other obsessions.  But, I must share one last glimpse of a special Greater Prairie Chicken near Claflin which put on quite a show for us at the recent Wings n' Wetland Festival at Great Bend.  This fella seemed to be laughing at the strange box (our blind) with the little rectangular holes with some weird things inside.  I took three groups of 8-9 people out for two mornings and one afternoon.  Many of these people were not accustomed to such crude outside accommodations but did just fine.  Having to stay put for a couple of hours without much comfort is normal for wildlife photographers and hunters but quite a new experience for most.  However, the thrill of watching prairie chickens doing their performance on the grassland dance floor makes inconveniences such minor issues.  Can't wait for next March now!

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