Friday, April 24, 2015

Postscript for Dipod Reintroduction Program

     As per the previous blog post, this is a followup to the local Kangaroo Rat reintroduction project at our wildlife ranch.  As described previously, a nearby population of Dipodomys ordii is being trapped from a field edge under cultivation.  The plan is to reintroduce a few of these fascinating little creatures to a place of former occurrence near the residence of yours truly.  I doubt there's any other similar project anywhere in the world and I'm fine with that.  A biologist may just have somewhat of a different approach to enjoying life than other mindsets.  Some things are interesting to try just because.

Another K-rat is trapped and transplanted to developed K-rat habitat.  This one looks happy in its new home.

Mr. K-rat is released to his new artificial burrow.

...and he seems to like it!

Oatmeal and sunflower seeds were supplied to encourage the K-rat to stay.  Next day, all the seeds were gone and it appeared that the animal stayed at its new home.  It's too early to say the translocation project is successful.  We probably need to relocate a few more to ensure a new population.