Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lek Sex (X-rated)

     Hey baby, my name is Tympanuchus pallidicinctus, but you can call me Tim for short.  Do you come here often?  Oh, you just came from the lek down the road a mile or so?  Well, let me show you my stuff. Want to dance?  Don't pay any attention to those other guys, they are losers.  As you can see, I'm the main guy right here in the middle of this.  It may be only about 20 feet in diameter, but I own it.  Any of those other guys come in here and they will have to deal with me.  Like my threads?  I'll boom for you.  How's that?  Please, come on in.  Are you in the mood?

Oh baby, love it when you do that!  Don't worry, those other guys won't bother us.  Well dang, interrupted by those jerks!  Hope that was good for you and good luck on the egg laying.  

Want to see the "action" in slow mo?  This hen probably came in to the lek just once to breed.  She will now go an average of about a half mile from a lek, not necessarily this one where she bred, and start laying eggs.  She will lay one-per-day until she has a clutch of about a dozen eggs.  She has to find a clump of grass of from 15-18 inches and well hidden.  Once she starts sitting on the clutch, the young hatch in about 25 days.
Oh baby.  Please come back.  Don't leave yet.  The action is just starting.  Well ok.   Call please?!

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