Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prime Time on the Prairie

   For those with a fascination with weather, and sometimes violent weather, this year has had its share of offerings on the prairie.  Thunderstorms are of the highest natural theater on the prairie.  Few will take the time to watch a storm develop from its infancy as a small cumulus cloud and advancing to an anvil-headed monster ready to wreak havoc with lightning, hail and sometimes violent winds.  But joy is to the storm watcher who is at a safe distance, in sufficient shelter, to observe the greatest of nature's wonders.  I was so fortunate as a kid to have a dad who instilled in me the fascination of thunderstorms in all their glory.  While they have been quite rare the last couple of years while we suffer through drought, we have been blessed with some of this weather joy this year in the Red Hills.  Here's a sampling of yesterday's natural theater.
For weather buffs, the weather apps for smart phones are simply the best you could hope for in finding and following storms.  How cool to watch them develop and see where they are going--maybe to your place!

Watch this short vid for a beautiful display above our grasslands last evening.  Simply beautiful!

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