Monday, June 24, 2013

Front Line on the Cedar War

     Rancher friends, Ted and Brian Alexander show how its done down in the Red Hills.  While Eastern Red Cedar is native to this area, the trees were originally confined to the deeper canyons where natural fire could not reach them.  Since the arrival of non-native Americans, fire has been suppressed.  So, cedars are having a heyday, encroaching on rangeland, depleting water supplies to streams and creating incredible wildfire hazards.  When they get this big, there's just one solution, cut, slash and either grind or burn.  Its a huge war being waged by a collaboration between several agencies, organizations and landowners.  The Nature Conservancy of Kansas is contributing as it can to help out in the battles.  But folks like Ted and Brian have helped lead the way...on the frontline of this War on Cedars!  While the video is fun, Ted and Brian will be quick to admit this is hard and long work!

(vid and production due to Brian Alexander with help from "Pop")

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