Thursday, May 30, 2013

Touring the Red Hills

     If you go on a Nature Conservancy of Kansas tour of the Red Hills you will see lots of cool wildlife, sounds and scenery.  But you will also participate.  On our most recent trip, the group got to experience a Western (Black) Rat Snake up close and personal.  Here, Ron, who is an experienced herpetologist and a tour participant, helps wrangle this beautiful animal.  

Ruth Palmer, our excellent group leader and special assistant for our Kansas chapter, even takes her turn at demonstrating proper snake handling technique. 

And here is our beautiful animal, found sunning on the red sand road on the Scenic Drive of The Red Hills just southwest of Medicine Lodge.  

There are so many things about the Red Hills to show but today the subject is our special serpentine friend who indulged us on a day he was just trying to soak up some rays.  I'm sure he's still quite warm and happy in the special place I call The Kansas Outback. 

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