Saturday, May 18, 2013

High Drama on the High Plains

     Severe thunderstorms are the biggest drama on the prairie.  They cause incredible damage, loss of property and life.  They also provide fascination and awe.  Thunderstorms don't always produce tornadoes, damaging winds, and suffering or grief.  It depends on which side of the storm you may be experiencing.  There's little can compare with the light and thunder show these climatic monsters can offer.  Here's a taste of the majestic cloud visiting us this evening.

     We do take these storms seriously.  But when it seems apparent we will not be sucked up into any swirling mass of cumulonimbus bluster, we simply enjoy some of nature's finest theater.  We sit on our porch eating homemade bread with butter and honey and drink wine.  Hooray for mother nature and her tempestuous tantrums --with due caution given for unfortunate loss and destruction of course.

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