Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roadrunner Summer

     Man it's hot today--109 degrees.  Our "pet" duck, Mallory enjoys a short swim in the dog's water bowl.  And, there were THREE roadrunners around--all adults.  We've had the two around (see earlier postings), but another one showed up today.  I fed one a somewhat smelly, dead mouse which was in a live trap in the shed.  Found the mouse, tossed it, saw the roadrunner, refound the dead mouse and then tossed it by the roadrunner.  It looked it over, walked around it and finally picked it up and dashed to the backyard with it.  I've found roadrunners absolutely crave mice in the winter so was interested to see if this one would even look at this slightly stale rodent.  Ummmm, sure did!       A while later, one of the roadrunners was out back.  I took some pictures of it "panting" as a normal behavior to dissipate heat.  Then I watched as it approached Mallory bathing in the water pan.  Wondering what scene was about to be presented, I started the video.  The behavior I captured is one I've seen before and wondered if it was part of mating display behavior or feeding behavior.  I found out today.  The roadrunner rips around in short circles displaying its wings and tail feathers, showing a lot of white.  The grasshoppers scatter and the roadrunner chases them down.  One mystery solved.  More to come in this hot, hot summer.  Mallory has another friend.

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