Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Biking The Red Hills

Ahhhhh the Kansas Outback.  My favorite place on Earth is my own Kansas Outback, the Kansas Red Hills.  Last weekend was one of those soul inspiring experiences with this special place.  We often take bike rides in the Red Hills of south-central Kansas.  Its a magical country, a best kept secret of absolute natural splendor.  Bicycling in Kansas is sometimes challenging because of weather, unsafe roads, and limited trails in some areas.  But, in places such as the Red Hills, one can find county roads and some blacktops for pleasure riding.  Even in the heat of summer, very early morning rides treat you to splendid sunrises over a picturesque landscape with plenty of wildlife to enjoy along with the cooler morning temperatures.  And, in beautiful places such as the Red Hills, peace and solitude can revive your spirits and make you feel glad you live in such a wonderfully natural state.  You can find a number of bicycling trails in Kansas by going to http://www.kansascyclist.com/trails/ or just by discovering your own special outback of Kansas.  Good riding!

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