Monday, November 30, 2015

Icy Artwork in the Hills

     An ice storm hit the region to paint crystaline pictures on the landscape. While some suffered power outages and there was certainly additional stress on livestock and wildlife, the frozen artwork provided some special eye candy. Trees laden with excessive burdens strained to retain bowed branches. Stems, leaves and seed heads enjoyed a shiny, clear covering which enhanced their usually more mundane form. All the ice sculptures have now melted, yielding the land to a not-quite-so spectacular appearance. It was cool while it lasted, at least through the naturalist's photo-lens.

Green is still prevalent along the
                stream, even during an ice storm.               
Lemon Beebalm wears ice hats while
Indiangrass bows in respect.

Dog Creek, Barber County
A covering of ice presents a
new perspective of Cocklebur.

Nature's artwork achieves some its best work
when an ice-storm hits.

Melting ice creates a surreal but
beautiful earth moment.

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