Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spectacular Spring

     The Red Hills are ablaze right now.  Only it's not prescribed burns this time, it's a fabulous display of wildflowers.  The prairie posies and grasses are expressing their appreciation for recent rains by displaying flowers and growth.  If you want to see an incredible display of wildflowers,  get to the Red Hills now!  These pictures were all taken in recent days in Barber County.
The Penstamon is fabulous in the Red Hills this spring.

Plains hymenoxsis sprinkles the prairie with yellow joy.

Showy evening primrose.  There are several evening primrose species in the Red Hills but this one's flowers turn pink as they age.   

Scarlet gaura dominates this scene but shares a little space with scarlet globe-mallow.

Old plainsman (Hymenopappus) plants reach to the sky for cherished sunlight.

Scarlet globe-mallow takes the foreground against a backdrop of scarlet-gaura.  These plants are so spectacular this year I thought they deserved a second inclusion in this posting.  

Wild onion takes most of this scene although pale poppy mallow sneaks in on the right.

Yucca glauca is in full bloom in the Red Hills right now.

Blue wild indigo is in gorgeous bloom right now.

Citron paintbrush paints the foreground to a beautiful, green Red Hills scene.

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  1. THE wildflowers have been spectacular this year!!