Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Herpers

     The Kansas Herpetological Society (KHS), in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy in Kansas, sponsored the regular spring field trip of KHS to the Red Hills.  Over a hundred kids of all ages enjoyed wonderful weather and an ample number of amphibians and reptiles to make the weekend very successful.
As part of the 25th Anniversary of The Nature Conservancy in Kansas, this event is just one of the several being planned around the state to help commemorate this milestone.  For more information about upcoming activities, google The Nature Conservancy (see site below) or check out the TNC in Kansas Facebook page.  For more information about this fabulous field trip last weekend, check out the Kansas Herpetological Society (see site below) or check out the facebook page (Kansas Herpetology) as well as Larry Miller's facebook site as well.  
The herp troops storm the Red Hills in search of all things creep and crawly.

A North American Racer (Blue Racer) inspects his holder by sensing with his tongue.
He's not too happy.

Landis shows off a Ground Snake.  This was the most common herp found on the trip.

Another Ground Snake.  Oh what fun!
Nothin is as fascinating to kids of all ages then a Texas Horned Lizard.  Awesome creatures.

KHS president Dan Fogell demonstrates proper rattlesnake handling.

Trip leader Travis Taggart records all observations.
The Nature Conservancy in Kansas:

Kansas Herpetological Society

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