Saturday, February 8, 2014

Red, White and Blue ... birds

The male Cardinal in all his glory.


Winter brings so many treats,
     which grace our yards with feathered beasts,
who come forth now to hopeful feasts,
     on suet and sunflower seeds.

The cold deep snow has brought them here,
      they come to offerings without fear,
 no food is found in fields so near,
     we're glad they're around to give us cheer.

To cedar bough red birds retreat,
     awaiting each their turn to eat,
the bluebirds take to their own seat,
     anxious for refreshing drink.

Many birds frequent our place,
    each species with a special grace,
but these blues and reds just seem to make,
    the best of hues in brilliant shades.
This Eastern Bluebird is not mad, just thirsty.

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