Sunday, January 19, 2014

Postscript on Blackbirds

Blackbirds fill the winter cottonwoods.

Trees of Blackbird Leaves

Limbs so starkly bare,
no leaves the wind to share;
cottonwoods sway slightly there
in brisk cold winter air.

Soon the lonesome tree becomes
 roost to birds so burdensome;
they bend the branches from
weight of many of their own.

For from surrounding fields
a million Red-winged Blackbirds yield
to swarm these wooden keels,
these noisy feathery beasts of zeal.

Undulating skeins of black,
synchronized with flight exact,
to sway with such rhythmic tact,
stuff my cottonwood to the max.

Huge flocks they came with quite the flair,
I amused by numbers there,
hypnotized I simply stare
in brisk cold winter air

And then the tree exploded with startled birds when this young Sharp-shinned Hawk came calling! :-)

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