Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Road Less Traveled

The first portion of the Gyp Hills Scenic Drive winds through the eastern edge of the Red Hills west of Medicine Lodge.
Two roads diverge in an enchanted land,
and sorry I cannot travel both,
I go down one as far as I can,
to where it bends on reddish road.

This red road leads to fascinating country south from Lake City, Barber County.

Evening sun paints amazing colors on this Red Hills canvas overseen by Flower Pot Mountain in the center.

The famous "Wagon Hill" a few miles into the Gyp Hills Scenic Drive.

Cottonwoods hanging on to their hard earned "chlorophyll cash."

A rainy day imparts a soft mood to a beautiful landscape recently.  Yay for good precipitation in the Red Hills!

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  1. Spectacular! Thank You! Ken, what are your thoughts about your readers sharing your blog? Is it OK? What is the best way to do it?