Monday, October 14, 2013

Rockin' in the Red Hills

     Kids love lookin under rocks.  You never know what they might find.  Paxon was on a quest for scorpions and we found some.  We also found a couple of snakes on the road.  Adaira loves the creepy crawleys too! 

 A juvenile Eastern Racer (AKA Blue Racer and Yellow-bellied Racer)
      Paxon talks about the Racer.  He knows to look at the tail first to make sure it doesn't have any rattles on it before picking it up.   Its a young-of-the year but probably a few weeks old.  

Its a little windy but Adaira wanted to talk about the Racer too!

Paxon describes the scorpion he kept.  We have one species in Kansas and its a relatively small one and not very poisonous.  Won't kill ya!

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