Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Morning on the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River

     A quiet morning sunrise awakens the Earth in a beautiful place-- sharing some of the scenery in and near the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River in Barber County from 3-28-13.  A couple of recent blizzards brought some much needed moisture and helped to revive the river and  ponds, giving welcome respite from the extended drought.

Taking some photoshop privileges using filtering options for a beautiful sunrise.

An American Wigeon exclaims its approval of a revived pond.

Scraggly hackberry trees greet the sunrise. (Special effects via photoshop.)
Bison crossing the Salt Fork of the Arkansas.

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  1. I ventured down Hackberry Road years ago although it was a scenic drive I didn't come across anything quite as stunning as seeing bison crossing the river! I've also seen photos of red bluffs lining the river, any idea where I can find those?