Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cory Continued

     This is the fourth winter for Cory our "pet" Greater Roadrunner.  Her mate, Gerry, is also overwintering at our place for his third year.  For each of the past two summers, we saw a young-of-the-year roadrunner from this pair.  However, its just the adult pair which favors us through the winter.  And, as is usual, they both have adapted well to begging for their deerburger (ground deer scraps from deer processing.)  And, as is expected, they become more friendly as time goes by and the hungrier they get through the cold season.  They are more of a warm weather bird but are also carnivores.  That means they can scrape up enough mice and handouts through the winter to survive.  Our pair love to sun and spend a few hours in the morning just soaking up some rays by standing with their back toward the sun if its shining and lifting their back feathers so that the warm rays can reach their skin.  They get up late and go to roost early--kinda like my preferred schedule.
Cory getting more used to "hand feeding."

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