Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Miller Time

Like stars in the sky, an army of army cutworm moths flock from a favored honey locust tree roost.

What flitting flier thumps my window,
drawn to lights contained within now,
thousands want to enter in,
despite we’ve no desire of them.

Most consider them unwanted,
but yet they prosper quite undaunted,
in spite of large attempts to kill
army cutworms of fields they fill.

They come in waves to hide away
in any crevice they can stay,
protected from a cool night’s chill,
coming here to enter still.

While chasing down unwelcome guests,
I try to do my very best,
to attempt to be quite respectful,
of the massive numbers of this wildlife spectacle.

A closer look of a moth nectaring in a locust tree:

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