Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn in the Red Hills

     The Red Hills (Gyp Hills) of Southcentral Kansas is my own special Kansas Outback.  With its rolling hills, gypsum outcrops, expansive grasslands and contrasting bottomland trees, this is the Kansas land of enchantment.  I get the chance now to spend more time there since my new job with The Nature Conservancy is as the Red Hills Project Coordinator.  I'll be dedicating my services to the nature and the ranching heritage of The Red Hills and I can't think of a better job.  While I spent one career in  a number of dream jobs with the state wildlife agency, I'll be privileged to start another career in my favorite landscape.  I'll share anecdotes about The Red Hills as well as a continuing account of other fascinating features of the Sunflower State.  Kansas is ablaze with the colors of fall.  Take any of the scenic byways in the state ( and you'll be treated to some of the most glorious eye candy nature can offer.  Do the Gyp Hills Scenic Byway in Barber County now and you'll have a very memorable trip.   Check in later for more updates.  I hope to see you sometime in the great Kansas Outback.

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