Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ode to a Toad

Found you lurking in the ground,
hiding in your little mound,
teased you from your earthen nest,
stalking small and large insects;

It’s really great to see you here,
lurking in your garden lair,
living through such torment,
such horrid drought this summer sent;

Woodhouse’s Toad, you’re such a joy
a fun hand pet for girl and boy,
from head to toe, your warts and all,
your amazingly loud and whirring call;

Lucky are the ones who see,
you waiting very patiently,
beside the beaming yard light pole,
swallowing those ole June bugs whole;

Thanks for helping my garden plants,
by eating some of their many pests,
and by entertaining so many kids,
their parents and sometimes their pets.

Some think of you as just a toad,
some small beast to dodge on roads,
but I prefer more loftier quest,
I consider you some of nature’s best!

(To read about Woodhouse’s Toad, google Kansas Herp Atlas.)